About Us

Our Vision

Our aim is to restore Winkleigh Farm to its former grandeur. We aspire to offer a unique farming experience encompassing rare breed farming, glamping, and the flavour of artisan local produce.

From the outset we have been driven to use the farm for its original purpose. Animals form the heart of Winkleigh Farm, and with a focus on rare breeds, you'll see a range of animals and the inner workings of our farm.

As of spring 2018, new facilities will be built opening the farm to its first guests. Camping will be on offer year round while further farm renovation is completed. Over the coming year, we hope to renovate the farmhouse, offering luxury rooms in which to relax, and unwind with a sumptuous breakfast cooked in the farmhouse kitchen. Yurts, shepherds huts and safari tents will be pitched in quiet, serene fields offering lavish comfort whilst getting a true farm experience.

By 2020, the project will be nearing completion and 2 of the old barns will have been converted into bunkhouses. The majority of buildings will remain for agricultural use, yet we hope in the future we can open the old barn to offer magnificent weekend feasts.

Our Story

Winkleigh Farm has been a part of the family for generations. Our family have always farmed across East Devon, Winkleigh is now the only remaining farm. Great Aunt Eileen had managed Winkleigh Farm for most of her life - since she was only 14. Following her death, the future of the farm was uncertain, however we are now in a position to continue her passion and love of farming, to restore the farm to its former glory, bringing new life and a new sense of passion for the project. Whilst updating the business we plan to maintain the integrity of the farm, respect its heritage and preserve the natural beauty for others to enjoy.

The Team

Mia, Michael and Rob work tirelessly between cups of tea and other full time jobs to restore the farmhouse and outbuildings, and reopen Winkleigh Farm for business.









A keen gardener and a lover of of all things floral and edible! Supporting Mia and Michael to make a successful future at Winkleigh Farm.

Get in Touch

If you would like more information or to book a stay with us, feel free to to contact us and we will be happy to discuss our farm with you.